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Foot Reflexology impacts our health by applying pressure to specific reflex points on the feet with the use of thumbs, fingers, and hands, which passes the effect on certain parts of our body. Different points on our feet pass the energy and can stimulate organs like on top of feet can stimulate the head, whereas the balls of the feet can be advantageous for your heart and chest. This is one of the famous healing therapeutic methods from ancient days.

Good and peaceful environment, soothing music or Aromatherapy are other elements to improve Foot Reflexology’s results. From a peaceful nap to promote a healthy life, it can also fight depression which blesses you with a cheerful mind mood.

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Foot Reflexology Massage Benefits

  • Foot Reflexology massage techniques utterly relieve body aches, stress, and chronic fatigue which could help you to get rid of any allergy.
  • It boosts the healing as it stimulates the nerves and revitalizes the blood flow in your body. Ten minutes of foot massage can improve blood circulation that helps in transporting oxygen to the body’s cells.
  • It not only ceases the vibration of pain but overcomes its source. Consequently, it has been chosen by most people and it also offers a high level of safety and effectiveness.
  • Its treatment is considered as a successful therapy in the condition of fibromyalgia. And it explains the musculoskeletal pain which amplifies sensation in a similar way the brain processes pain signals.
  • This eliminates chronic bowel syndrome and muscle pains so it could not choke the patient’s neck and throat by tightening the muscles.
  • Even in the case of Pregnancy massage, it reduces the effects of edema. It is the swelling in ankles and feet due to fluid retention which appears, generally in the last trimester of women.
  • Alike Yoga, this reduces the severity of migraines and headaches by relieving tension in the muscles as the root causes generated by stress.

Foot Reflexology Massage Techniques

  • Our massage session of Foot Reflexology takes your 40-45 minutes of the day.
  • No use of lotion, oil, creams or any prescription drugs makes the massage more natural except by the efforts of our excelled therapists’ gestures.
  • Hand in massage pronounces to be less effective though it can perform conveniently, rather than, performing on foot has always been in demand due to its cure.
  • Use of thumb and firm palm on the specific foot reflexology point of our feet and hands correspond directly to the nervous system which affects organs and glands through the spinal cord.
  • Our online service of massage in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Dwarka, and Faridabad can assure you with the best results of Foot Reflexology massage which is often reviewed as the easiest and natural treatment.
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