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Hotstone massage therapy is among the traditional practice, which is even supported by Ayurveda due to its holistic healing methodology. A newly trendy treatment has promoted because of the various properties of flat, smooth, no porosity basalt stones. A type of volcanic rock can retain heat for a longer time. The stone’s remedial vitality could immerse anyone to mitigate soreness and can penetrate intensely.

Hotstone massage in Delhi, Noida, Faridabad, and Gurgaon work as healers towards balancing the chakras in bodies and relieve tense muscles. It claims to be fruitful for damaged soft tissues in the bodies — all you’ve to look for Hotstone massage near me.

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Hotstone Massage Benefits

  • Hotstone massage reduces anxiety and reduces stress.
  • Crack the insomnia code, and it promotes sleep.
  • The decrease in arginine-vasopressin, a hormone that helps water retention, and regulates blood pressure may boost immunity. It can check in blood samples after getting the massage.
  • An autoimmune disease can also be relieved.
  • It vanishes your muscle ache and pain.
  • Cancer patients may also decrease their illness.
  • Even with the chronic painful condition of Fibromyalgia, the muscle tension would go.
  • Massage detoxifies and improves the skin’s layout.
  • It increases your joint flexibility
  • The lighter hotstone massage is, the deeper it drops the sense of warmth and comfort.

Hotstone Massage Techniques

  • Stones get heated on the professional massage stone heater within an accurate temperature range, usually between 110 and 130 F.
  • There must be an obstacle like towels or sheets between the skin and stones to protect the burn not to comes directly into the contact.
  • Flat, smooth, heated stones get placed on the specific parts of bodies to balance the body and mind. As by the client’s requirements, our therapists place stones on the point of muscle tension or generally on your palms, chest, face, stomach, feet, and toes, along with on your spine.
  • Small stones may get placed on the forehead and between the toes.
  • Therapists apply massage oil with their firm hands on your skin.
  • Clutching the stones on both palms, the therapist uses sliding movements to move the gems along with muscles.
  • A few of the Swedish massage techniques get involved, such as Vibration, tapping, long strokes, kneading, circular movements on legs, neck, back, shoulder.
  • Sometimes cold stones also come in use after the hotstone massage to calm engorged blood vessels and settle skin.
  • The duration hardly requires 60-90 minutes.
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