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Pregnancy massage is specially formed for women’s needs at the time of pregnancy. It is often called a prenatal massage. Besides a healthy diet and medicines, regular massage and exercises are also a must for women at the time of pregnancy.

You can complete rely on us to cure your loved one’s. It will help you in reducing anxiety, depression, and body aches.

It is really important to take care of pressuring concerned parts of a woman to avoid any risk of contradiction. Hence, Shoulder massage and leg massage during pregnancy will be the best option. Shadow massage eradicates any threat of pregnancy with their simple, relaxing and hypnotic touch.

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Pregnancy Massage Benefits

  • Pregnancy massage helps lessen swelling in the arms and legs by an increase in blood and lymph circulation.
  • It enhances the flexibility of skin and essentially tissues.
  • Safety pillow will be a great tool to provide a proper massage for solace from spasms and myocardial pain that is chronic pain in muscles of hips, neck, lower back, and legs.
  • It relaxes the body with physical and mental strain due to hormonal shifts.
  • Massage can helps women during twins and triplets and eradicate all chances of risk..
  • A Pregnancy massage can decreases stress on weight-bearing joints and improves the result of labor and comfort during labor pain.
  • It can relieve nausea and heartburn to some women.

Pregnancy Massage Techniques

  • A mood sets up by the aroma of candles, lighting for the warmth and the fragrance in the room. The use of oil will be an option for you. As per your mood.
  • Unlike other massages, while performing pregnant massage we take more cautions for the well being of the mother and her child. Strictly follow of Massage contraindications are our first priority.
  • On the massage table, the client will lie in a semi-reclining position for the safety of the baby and that’s a comfortable way.
  • Our therapists follow the tender Pregnancy massage with safety pillows like body pillows, wedge pillows, and extra padding to help the client to turn from side to side to do back and hips massage.
  • As with the consolation, you can go with the choice of personal attire. The Best time to take massage is when the doctor recommends you.
  • Therapists avoid deep and strong pressure on legs to ensure the safety of the baby and mother; they simply apply light and slow strokes on the muscles of the legs.
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