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As the name suggests, Swedish massage originated in Sweden at around the mid-1830’s and popularized as the “classic massage.” The Swedish massage involves repeated firm gliding strokes to stimulate the nervous system, enhance blood circulation, and release muscle tensions.

Our trained male therapists apply Swedish full body massage through gentle stroking; kneading, rubbing and tapping lotion on the skin. Besides, leaving you relaxed, Swedish massage therapy focuses on improving health conditions, flushing out toxins from muscles, enhances lymphatic drainage, up-keeping emotional and mental well being after an exhausting day at work. Call now to relax your body.

Our male to male massage therapist comprises relieving, repairing, and relaxing muscles on your back, shoulder, neck, arms, and legs, or you may choose a targeted area of the body to trigger.

A 45 to 60 minutes massage session rejuvenates every inch of your muscles and nerves while you lay down on your back or stomach. This traditional Swedish massage therapy is capable of curing pain and injury in muscles and joints.

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Swedish Massage Benefits

  • It removes pain and injury caused due to osteoarthritis or other chronic pain. Reduces muscle tension right away while working on the topmost layer of the muscles.
  • As it increases blood circulation, the inflow of oxygen increases in the body, and hence, toxins removed, while blood vessels open up.
  • It acts as a relaxant and reduces stress from mind and body, creating a peaceful mind, lowers stress hormones, removes headaches.
  • Swedish massage therapy induces sleep since your body becomes stress-free and nervous are calmed down.
  • If you often catch colds and flu, then boost your immunity and stay clear from diseases by enjoying Swedish full body massage because the lymphatic drainage promotes white blood cells.
  • Improves muscle strength, firm muscles, loosens joints, relieves cramps, and heals tissues.
  • Takes away anxiety, stress, irritation, and uneasiness of mind and body while leaving every sense of your body calmed.

Swedish Massage Techniques

  • The Swedish massage commonly based on five basic techniques, they are: a. Effleurage – which means free-flowing and gliding movement towards the heart b. Petrissage- involves firm kneading through the fist c. Friction – applying pressure on palm and fingers d. Vibration- repeatedly shaking a particular muscle area gently, e. Tapotement – repeatedly striking stimulating strokes like chopping on board.
  • The therapist keeps you covered with sheets and work on an exposed body area at a time. As you lie calmly, our expert therapist applies nourishing oil with firm pressure to warm up the muscles, preferably on a table, floor, or any flat surface.
  • The intensity of pressure varies from light, medium to vigorous. Inform your therapist If you feel the process is enduring discomfort or pain
  • It is always advisable to discuss with your therapist in advance in case you have undergone any surgery, pregnancy, contagious disease, fluctuating blood pressure, heart issues, fractured bone, cancer treatment, ligament injury, etc.
  • Every sweeping stroke infuses comfort and calmness to muscles and joints. The skin replenishes as it soaks the oils in its deepest pores.
  • People suffering from joint, tendon, and ortho pain can benefit severely from massaging extensively in the affected area.
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